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What makes a furniture workshop special? Well, we can think of a few things. Some things that make a furniture workshop world-class include, ease of access, speed of service, and the ability to listen. At Dutch Furniture Workshop we possess all of the above qualities and a few more of you’d care to take a look. Luckily, you are already here so let’s tell you some of the services we render to our esteemed clientele.

Dutch furniture workshop upholstery specialists cater to all types of furniture repairs and upholstery work from leather sofa repairs suite reupholstery.

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We Restore

Often time, it's not rare to see a piece of furniture discarded after it has spent a couple of years serving a household. There's no reason why such a piece of furniture be discarded and laid to rot in the junkyard. There are a couple of things you can do to restore it to its past glory. Just keep reading and we'll show you exactly what we mean!.

We Repair

When your favorite piece of furniture develops a fault that might spell an end to its usefulness? Trust us, we know exactly how that feels but there's no problem with that. The problem though is when you can't find a proper workshop to do the proper repairs. You don't need to look any further. Let's show you why we're your number one go-to spot for furniture repairs and the likes.

We Beautify

There's simply nothing better than making a classy piece of furniture even more classy. You might be wondering how exactly you can make a freshly created work of art even more artistic. Well, that's because this is your first time visiting us and checking out what we do. The upholstery department of our company is one of the best around and there are so many reasons why that's a jewel in our crown. Care to check out our art?

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