Furniture Repair

There’s nothing wrong with your furniture getting broken or needing a fix. That’s why it’s made of wood or any natural material. However, what is wrong is when instead of handing over the furniture to us, you proceed to toss it out of your home. At Dutch Furniture Workshop we handle your furniture repairs with so much class, you’d hardly know that there was an issue in the first place. There’s no kind of furniture repair job we can’t take on, and here are the reasons why.

Attention to Detail

We are just all talk; we also back up our claims with well carried out actions. How do we do this you may ask? That’s right, we pay close attention to detail. Once you tell us the issue with the furniture we will get to work in earnest, we ensure that once we are fixing one thing we don’t go ahead to ruin another. Also, we ensure that we ask you about everything we need to know before even touching the furniture in question, why? You might never know with all these works of wood.

We Clean Up

A frequent accusation leveled against people of our trade is that we end up leaving a mess when we are done. Well, that’s not how we operate at Dutch Furniture Workshop, as here we clean up on a regular. Once you hand over a piece of furniture you can be sure to get it in the best condition possible, it would be in all honesty cleaner than when you gave us and that’s not even adding that your work surrounding will be in top shape once we are done.

We Follow-through

Others might just pocket the money and leave you to your repaired piece of furniture. Well, at Dutch Furniture Workshop we ensure that we follow through with jobs done for our esteemed clientele. We might not give you an express warranty but you’ll be sure to be hearing tips from us on how to maintain you’re a newly fixed piece of furniture. That way you’ll be sure of what to avoid and you’ll avoid future visits to our place. Even though we love having you around, that isn’t more important than your comfort and peace of mind.

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