Furniture Restoration

That you got an old piece of furniture lying around the house shouldn’t discourage you, there’s no reason to dump that furniture so long as you can restore it to its old glory. That’s why the Dutch Furniture Workshop got you, here we can transform a discarded piece to the cornerstone of your apartment. Here are a few reasons why.


The only limitation to greatness is laziness and as such we leave no stones unturned. At Dutch Furniture Workshop we ensure that our customers are given the best treatment possible. Once you hand over your furniture we will get to work as soon as possible. Our specialized technicians will research on the latest and most suitable things to do to your furniture to make it brand new and wholesome once again. As we said, the only limitation to greatness is laziness, just know that your furniture is in the best of hand as long as you choose us.


It’s not uncommon to hear the damages that some furniture restorers do to the furniture that needed restoration. That’s not the case in our company, here we stop at no lengths to ensure your piece of furniture is properly revamped and handed over to you in the best of conditions. When we complete the job there will be no spare nails or health hazards on site. Your job is simply as good as new.


One of the most underrated parts of a good restoration project, finishing is of utmost importance to us at Dutch Furniture Workshop. Once we are through with the nitty-gritty of the job asked of us we will put fine finishing touches on the piece. Once we are done with your job, it will be super difficult for a random dude to tell the difference between it and a brand new piece of furniture. That’s how neat our works are, don’t ask me, check out our resume.

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