Furniture Upholstery

There’s something serene about when upholstery is done properly. The furniture being worked on is beautified, the owner is glad and the guests can’t seem to stop trooping in. Sometimes this is even more special than when you get the furniture initially. That’s why at Dutch Furniture Workshop we leave no stones unturned in making your upholstery work the best in town. Here are a bunch of reasons why.

Leaving an impression

They say first impressions last forever so why would you let your guest’s first impression of you be a dull one? That’s right, at Dutch Furniture Workshop we make sure that your upholstery work catches the attention of everyone that sets their eyes on the furniture worked on. We use the best materials and we go for substance as well as style. This is certainly due to our amazing professionals who have years of experience working on jobs such as yours. so there’s no need to fret, just tell us what’s on your mind. Bringing it into reality is just in a day’s work for us.

Time Management

We understand that you won’t want to be apart from your furniture for too long. That’s why at Dutch Furniture Workshop we make time management one of our core strengths. Once we tell you something will be done in a couple of days you can be sure that will be the case. At Dutch Furniture Workshop we lay the game plan for you to see and we don’t shift the goal at the beginning of the project. Once you let us carry out your upholstery work, you can be sure to get it fast, beautiful, and durable.


So many times, people in our line of business impose their regimented ideas on their clients, which can be such a buzz kill. Luckily, at Dutch Furniture Workshop we don’t engage in such shenanigans. Our company is famous for offering our clients a range of upholstery options and this ensures that our customers are spoilt for choice. Just in case we forget to mention, if you got any special ideas in mind you could tell our workmen. That’s why we are here to serve!

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